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Dizzy showing a sharp-looking texture on violet background.
The 'Waves' texture on blue background.
The 'Ornament' texture on green background.
The 'Hexagon' texture being blended with the 'Ornament' texture, on pink background.

Dizzy is a graphics demo that rotates planes of patterns on a colored background to make you dizzy. Currently 15 patterns are included. Textures can be cross-faded and there is a mode that automatically changes textures, allowing Dizzy to be run as a screensaver.

Dizzy is written in Perl and uses OpenGL.


There is a repository containing instructions and files necessary to run Dizzy on Windows. The repository contains a setup program allowing you to graphically set Dizzy options, and a self-extracting archive creator (as if there weren't enough already) that can pack Dizzy almost into one single archive.

External dependencies include Strawberry Perl's Portable edition, some Perl libraries not bundled with Perl (OpenGL and some others) and of course Dizzy itself.

Components like the C compiler can be removed from the Strawberry distribution to save space in the resulting tarball/zip archive/self-extracting archive. This has been done on the Windows release files below to conserve space. To further save space, UPX can be used on the unarchiver, which is used on the SFX archive.


Source code

The latest release is version 0.3, released 2011-11-02 and is available as a gzipped tarball.

Development takes place on Github.

Windows binaries

Windows binaries for version 0.2 are available, as a portable ZIP archive or as a self-extracting archive. To run the former, extract it somewhere and run StartDizzy.exe.