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Screenshot showing level 5

Guckets is a game where you must fill buckets with water. Starting with just two buckets, you will get more buckets to manage. The goal is to have a specific amount of water in one (or probably more) bucket. Sounds easy, but you are not allowed to measure the water you fill into your buckets. Thus, you can only fill your buckets with water, or you can empty them, or you can pour all water into another bucket (until it's full). Depending on the level, you maybe don't have unlimited water, so you must think to reach the goal.

This does sound easy, right? It isn't. While the first few riddles may be easy, it is getting harder already after the first five levels. And it supports scripting, which leads to endless possibilities...

What users say

Thanks for writing guckets. It's a nice little timewaster already!

Christoph S.


There are no tarballs. Check out the Git repo instead.